Hey! What about MyZooty, the online virtual world coming soon?

We are in the middle of processing that, but in the mean time we decided to turn this into a personal website. Please update your bookmarks?

I'm one of your classmates from Room 16. What about the newspaper?

Very good that your on the site. As of Janurary 25, you can now view an archive of the newspaper on here, downloadable and streaming, so you can edit it any way you like as if it was yours!

You and your friends seem cool. Can I meet you?

Sorry, but our lives are in a more private state, and all the information leaked on this website is all we intend to share.

Hey, what is fashion club and how I can contribute/join?

Well first you have to go to our school and know us. We meet every recess at the blue benches near the ball box. Just ask us and we'll consider it! If you want to contribute fashions (sims 2 clothes, or ideal fashion sheets) you can send them to our email! Please notice that ALL emails are monitored and foul language of any sort is reported!

Any other questions you can email me, or if you know me, talk to me about and I'll answer them as soon a possible!