Future Projects

Future Projects

This is the fashion club's official site. Our current goal is to come up with our own clothing line, then re-create the clothes in The Sims 2 and have them model in our fashions. Right now, we have sucessfully came out with one, our "Half Shirt" series. It will be featured in the upcoming fashion show, but for exclusive viewers of this site, you can just get it now!

We can keep you updated on how we are doing with the fashions by emailing us! All emails are monitored, and keep in mind that we are only in the 5th grade, so please be nice!

Go to the Goodies page to download.

Our other goal is to re-create the half shirts in real life by going to trycustomink.com and making them. Right now we are raising money so that all members of our fashion club can have one with our logo on it!

Here's a little sneak peak of Trinity's (fashion club member) fashion ideas/concepts. I hope she won't freak about which ones are which!

Trinity1 Trinity3